Hey, I'm Alessandro.

I am a technology leader and strategic advisor with a decade of experience building teams that deliver great products in a sustainable way. I work at the intersection of people, software and words.

Currently, I am a director at Nebulab, an eCommerce consultancy that creates bespoke experiences for household DTC brands.

I make software.

At heart, I am a software developer specialized in the design and maintenance of production-grade applications. I also authored several open-source projects.


Prependers allows you easily and cleanly extend third-party code by providing a thin layer of magic on top of Ruby's native Module#prepend.


ARTIC is a Ruby gem for performing useful computations with time. It has been successfully used to build many types of scheduling applications.


Hertz is a Ruby on Rails engine for in-app notifications. It supports several couriers and works with both your regular full-stack app and RESTful APIs.


My most ambitious project, Pragma is a modular ecosystem for building RESTful APIs with Ruby. It provides everything you need to build APIs in minutes.


A no-dependency, no-nonsense Ruby implementation of the Adapter pattern, easy to leverage and flexible enough to support many different use cases.


Renderful is a rendering engine for Contentful spaces. It allows you to turn your content model into UI components in a framework-agnostic way.


I take pictures.

Our lives are made and broken by powerful moments. I try to capture, preserve and show the meaning behind those fleeting instants.

A picture is only worth one word. The one that matters.

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Cover photograph is “Reunion” (Rome, 2015).

Finally, I write words.

It's the only way to understand things and the only way to share them. I write both fiction and non-fiction, as well as the occasional essay.

Estasi e sofferenza

A short novel about the relationship between Eros and Thanatos, love and death, so apparently far apart and yet so hopelessly intertwined. Estasi e sofferenza is a story about the lengths we can go for those we want in our lives and how, very often, what is and what appears are two different things.

La società alternativa

We've all dreamt of a better world at least once, whether out of genuine love for our species or mere boredom – a world where man would be free from the burdens of ordinary life. What if we found that world is well within our reach? La società alternativa is a reminder of how easily our deepest dreams are molded.

L'ultimo guerriero

My very first (finished) production, this is a story of belonging, jealousy and motherhood. Sometimes, we can find ourselves in the least expected of places – but what happens when someone strips us of our new-found identity and throws us back into the numbness of that world we tried to escape?

Specismo e benessere animale

What remains of my year-long dive into the world of specism and animal welfare, Specismo e benessere animale is a reflection on the current state of animal testing and its alternatives, exploring the ideas of several different philosophers and evaluating the moral weight of using animals for our preservation.

Riflessioni semiserie

A short collection of reflections on different topics: God, religion, the great paradoxes of philosophy and atheism and a few other matters. This is my brain dump, constantly updated with my latest findings and conclusions. It serves as a reminder of the volatility of thoughts and opinions.


Once again, a study of human relationships. We think love is above everything, but is it, really? By telling the most scandalous of affairs, Charlotte pushes the limits of our moral principles and forces us to reconsider our own concepts of right and wrong or, if you prefer, of love and deviation.

La via

A dystopian novel, inspired by George Orwell's 1984 and P. D. James' The Children of Men. A story about discrimination and our most visceral fears, but also a story about courage and how it's sometimes shown by those who have everything to lose.

La cittadella

A sequel to La società alternativa, this is a new look at the intricacy of human desires, trying to shed light on the contradictions which make us human. When we hate what we once loved so badly, there are few people we can turn to.

Or, this is where I keep the technical stuff: